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Identity Statement

We are a Bible Believing, Bible Preaching, Bible Teaching, and Bible Living Church. We are not about tradition, but we are about the truth. We are not about religion, but we are about a relationship with God. We are not about the past, but we are about the present and the future. We are not about what you wear, but what you want. We are not about being perfect, but we are about being real and not pretending. We are not about being average, we are committed to a spirit of excellence.


Our Pastor

A Biography of Brother James Griffin - Written by Samantha Lyon


2 Corinthians 5:17 says “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation: old things have passed away; and look, new things have come.” To me personally, Brother James Griffin is proof of this promise. The man I knew back in 1993 is not the same man I know today.

In 2000, God began working in James’s life, but it was not until he lost his young baby boy Taylor in 2003 that James received the gift of salvation and became Brother James. He began working in ministry pastoring and directing the youth at Landmark Baptist Church. Those kids are now adults, but say they will never forget the impact Brother James has had on their life. It was at Landmark that Brother James learned how to serve the Lord, be ready to preach at a moment’s notice and many more things that would prepare him for what God had in store.

A Lindale native & no stranger to anyone in the city, it’s no surprise that God would return Brother James there to start a church. To the world, he had nothing and nowhere to start a church. To Brother James, He had all God required of him. A willing heart to serve the Lord. He met with a few people & went door knocking. October 17th, 2011 Foundation Baptist Church began in a garage at his mother’s house. 17 members grew to over 50 members to over 100 members today. He built this church on the foundation of seeking the truth found in God’s word and God’s word alone. The city of Lindale & other churches have taken notice of “this little church” and the work that Brother James is doing. One pastor commented on the diversity of people at Foundation Baptist and what Brother James is doing, is something their church has been trying to do for years.

In starting this church, one thing Brother James desired was a woman as only God could create to be the First Lady of Foundation Baptist Church. He met Rameka and knew she was exactly who God had in mind for him. He often describes how he admires the way she studies scripture. He said she would have several bibles in different translations spread out on the floor to gain a better understanding. Who she is and her for the Lord is truly inspiring to him and to all of the members of Foundation Baptist. He never fails to let us know that she is the half that makes him whole.

I have been a member for over two years and am beyond blessed to have personally witnessed his ministry firsthand. He will encourage you, pray with you, make you laugh when you don’t want to, tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear and he will never tell you something that the bible says without showing you where it says it. He doesn’t just pray for you or tell you a few scriptures and send you on your way……what makes his ministry so inspiring is to know when you enter into a spiritual battle, he is right there beside you. Fighting it with you and reminding you that you are not alone.